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Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D)

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • atI am going to use the program to find all my contacts locations and enter it some how in my phone and tablets. That way I can chart where t

  • rofessional use for urban planning and landscape purpose including economic and urban development projects in the south of France (French Riviera area)

  • Personal research for overseas trips, family visits and vacations. Travel broadens the mind even if it is from your armchair,footstool,bars also

  • home use - directions - view destination locations and surrounding neighborhoods - camp sites - cruise ports of call - shortest scenis route

  • personal research for travel in the united states, canada, italy and australia, which includes new zealand and tasmania plus all state parks

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used Google Earth free version in my daily office use, especially I used this software for identifying canal paths and flood damages.

  • For best Architectural view of the built environment especially using two dimensions and three dimension views of the site plan for new buil

What do you like most about this program?
  • hi my name is Gankhulug I like Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D I live in mongolia ulaan baatar city and Darhan city I play basketball

  • the possibilities of internet travel even though it has been used yet cause it makes you feel you have to answer this question first. now please?

  • fun and educational. used in conjunction with microsoft surface it makes an excellent 3d interactive globe and important places teaching tool

  • the program is very detail and comprehensive with hogh resolution sharp images that can be presented in 3-Dimensional and 2Dimensionals. and

  • to try unhance my knowaledage its very important to me as geosientist to hzve such progrem thank you very much for all what you doinig and have a good day

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D is an extension for Internet explorer with which you will be able to enjoy a virtual sight of the most important cities of the United States: Detroit, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Ángeles, San Francisco and many more.

With Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D you will fly over the most significant and emblematic building of the biggest North American country as if you were immerse in a virtual reality. The roads, the constructions and the bridges will be perfect replicas of the city you are visiting. You will also be able to float between the buildings and to see the hoardings with the announcements of TV programmes and other products.

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D has an application called “Locate”, which indicates where the user is by tracing his internet connection. Besides, with this programme you will be able to make searches according to specific categories, after creating a list of your favourite places.

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