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Statgraphics Plus Professional 16.0.03

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • statistical analysis, I am a demographer and should like use statgraphics to have more higlted results and improve prsentations of key findings for better using of data

  • Im biology student and i need this program for experimental disgn class, Statgraphics its an important tool for biologist to to test statistically investigations

  • for studying data analysis statistics using graph. I am a student doctoral program at Brawijaya University. Beside that, I am a lecturer at Polytechnic state of Malang

  • I need it to analyze some data for writting my graduate research to get the dgree form sudan university for science and technology this year

  • I will use this program for statistic researches on field natural science, precisely mean conservation of genetic resources on Faculty of Forestry

What similar programs have you used?
  • I usually use excel, but i heard about statgraphics; some friends tol me that it´s a complete software and the pc requeriments are minimum, so I decide try to use it

  • no, I will using that software first time for research purpose. I have some parameters to generate on that graph, and find well recognised result.

What do you like most about this program?
  • i want to use this programm to help me in study of statistic in the unversity (master degree) and analysis data related t squre hotling stat

  • spobre all applications and ease of use because it is very useful for comprarar calculated results besides that this very complete with all the tools you have

  • like the program because it performs lethal concentration test to 50%, which is not offered by other statistical programs found to dowload over the internet

  • it's a necesairy tool for statistical analysis. and of course it's free because i can't afford the full version. i hope this is not a virus.

Statgraphics Plus Professional is an impressive and useful program that will none the less enable you to manage and analyze statistic values on your computer very easily.

It has four main modules that will allow you to report information with variable data and recover and analyze data, as well as having a statistic link that binds the analysis book with the data source.

Statgraphics Plus Professional, with its detailed options and user-friendly interface, stands out for the graphic representations of the different types of statistics, and depends on the performance of the predetermined values of the project.

This program is without doubt the best available tool nowadays for learning, studying and analyzing statistics.

Necessary Requirements for the functioning of the Software:

- Processor: Pentium I.

- Memory: 32 MB.

- Free space on hard drive: 65 MB.