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Reproduce video files and save these onto your laptop or desktop with this awesome software application

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Watching DVDs at home is one of the best pastimes I find to be relaxing and convenient. However, sometimes I wish I could record certain parts of a movie or documentary that I’m watching without having to rip the entire movie straight off the DVD. Here is where Nero ShowTime 12 comes in handy.

Using this software, I find it as a perfect companion whenever I need to take screenshots of movies or video clips. I could also reproduce a short segment of the video that I’m watching and use it for presentations and other practical applications. Nero ShowTime comes with a slick and stylish, modern looking interface and the controls are highly intuitive. The software supports video file formats such as DVD, DivX, SVCD, MPEG4, MP4 and H.264. The user interface is designed like a metallic, blue control panel. The specific details of the video currently being played is displayed on the horizontal blue screen, and the main controls are to the right. A slim panel of additional controls are positioned at the top, and auxiliary options and controls are also positioned to the left and at the bottom of the user interface.

So if you’re looking for a video reproduction software, Nero ShowTime perfectly fits the bill. I truly recommend this download.


  • Excellent video reproducer allows you to take screenshots or short clips of videos on the fly
  • Stylish looking and intuitive user interface
  • Perfect when watching DVDs and having to take screenshots and record clips without burning


  • Similar software may have more features
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • whatch blurays a nd videos , movies and clips for hd amd fun with security and respect all artist and hollywood indistries and movie makerss


  • to open old back up files, which are on a cd rom produced on old pc that was stolen . I need the pictures for a funeral of my father in law

  • watch videos from my own DVD collection of movies that I take everywhere I travel to. I like the ShowTime interface design very much. The other option is Windows Media.

  • Mails from friends concerning different aspects of our daily life here and elsewhere, now and then. Also cartoons of jokes from all over the world

What similar programs have you used?
  • Good player for playing music and videos and it is always does not like creating difficulties when it have been chosen to use with and produce quality sound

  • fire fox, auto cad, rhino, photo shop, power point, word, excel, nero show time, kmplayer , windows media player, corel , sketchup, 3d studo

  • Never used another program as far as I remembered. Used musicmatch jukebox, nero and one whose name I don't remember. Nothing similar to this

What do you like most about this program?
  • Enhance video features are excellent because the user can wath videos improving brightness, contrast, etc. Is possible to make zoom and change the peed of playing video

  • Its easy to use for my applications between DVD playback and video files I have currently on my hard Disk Drive and the Network Disk Drives.

  • looping Effect and zoom in window are very awesome effects I cannot find better anywhere else. The codecs could be better though. Thank you!

  • It can open video files of any type! Other programs cannot offer such a wide range of possibilities. This one does! This is greatest player!

  • fast friendly educative and that most of the software is up to date and the way the language is structured fafavours its understanding people who do not speak english as a first languaged

Nero ShowTime is an application dedicated to the reproduction of video files, which belongs to the popular family of software by “Nero“.

This program is very powerful and practical, since it supports the most popular multimedia formats such as DVD, SVCD, DIVX, XVID, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and MP4. Also, among the characteristics of Nero ShowTimeyou can find the possibility of capturing scenes of a movie to save them on the hard disk and of creating repetition points to establish "loops".

Moreover, this excellent program offers a zoom feature of high quality, without loss of clearness, and it incorporates filters for the elimination of noise in the sound.

Nero ShowTime is the perfect tool so that you enjoyyour videos as if you had a cinema in your own house.

Trial Version Limitations:

- You will be able to use it only during a limited time.

- Some functions are restricted.