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Active WebCam 11.4

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  • yes ? do my The bestnAME GULSEH?R You Your download is always availableare about to download Active WebCam 11.4 from our server Advantages:

Active WebCam is a programme for transmitting images in real-time via Internet, functions with any video device, cameras, USB discs, TV tuner cards, etc.

Active WebCam can be used for the most diverse tasks, entertainment, monitoring the security of a company, performing conferences, etc. Active WebCam is very easy to use, the programme creates Web sites through an assistant where the different users can access and see the transmitted contents.

Active WebCam achieves high quality levels, allows for transmitting up to 30 frames per second and adapting other parameters such as brightness, contrast, colours, etc.

Main Features:

- Support for several cameras simultaneously

- Dynamic IP service

- Support for encrypted transmission

- Allows for protecting content with password

- Creation of customisable Web sites

- User/password validation for access control

- Compatible with Windows Vista (32 bit version)

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- Includes advertisements

- Shows the word “Unregistered” on the images