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VMware Player 7.1.2 Build 2780323

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A new maintenance release for VMware Player resolves many issues with the software

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Having VMware software in my laptop is crucial to my work as a webdeveloper. Currently I’m using VMware Player and I have encountered issues with the software. However, a new maintenance release has been launched by VMware, which is VMware Player 6.0.1. This update solves many of the problems I have encountered with VMware Player.

One of these issues that I encountered is that, there are instances whenever I shut down my computer, the virtual machine also stops functioning. I normally had to restart the virtual machine process once again at system startup, which can really be annoying whenever it happens. This new update includes Worksation 10.0.1 and I have not experienced the “hanging up” issue since then. Another problem I encountered is that whenever VMWorkstation or Player is interfacing with another program and that program suddenly hangs, Workstation or Player also hangs up. Not a problem anymore with this release. Yet another issue that this new release also resolves is the non-functioning “Download All Components Now” button. This new update erases that concern.

Overall, this resolution release for VMware Player is a welcome respite for developers like me.


  • Fixes many issues plaguing VMware Player
  • Allows VMware Player users to maximize their use of the software


  • New update still doesn’t cover other issues of prior software releases
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • virtual machince running widows xp under windows10 this will allow me to run my very old programs on a new modern operating system. i hope this download works

  • testing session boarder controllers and WEbRTC gateways for lab environment. just to load ova file to examine te possibilites of the software

  • learning java and other tools for technical skill improvement.This will help me in my career to grow and gain the knowledge of cutting edge te

  • i am going to use the program mainly is to begin exercising and studying other operating system on the laboratorium at our university or campus

  • to learn about vmware as i am doing an online course with cyber aces is that a good enough reason to download the software otherwise I will go to use another site

What similar programs have you used?
  • i am working on big data training where it is required to install different programs like hadoop, ubuntu, java. The instructor recommendedthi

  • I have not used any other VM software for Windows. I've been using VMware Player for years and like it. I just need an upgrade to handle Linux 4.

  • i have not used any software which is similar to vmware player 7.1.2 build 2780323 but i wish that this software will work and can solve my problem

  • nothing really , this s my first time downloading such a thing for my operating systems course , since the originall one isn't working with windows 10

  • this is my first vm player and before that i didn't use such programs. only heard about it from my friends and office peoples in my careear

What do you like most about this program?
  • yes i like this program because it work on command and it is for hacking tool very good toolsVMware Player 7.1.2 Build 2780323 from our server Advantages:

  • Allows to install another OS (Linux) over the Windows operating system. It helps in Virtualization. Thas what I like about this program. So I am downloading.

  • i get to run virtual machines in a testing environment without having to compromise the integrity of my current operating system in a bad way

  • It is efficient and very simple to use. What about your software. Are you offering anything interesiting for this purpose or any other topic

  • Have no idea, I am looking to load-run a .VHD file on a 32b Win 8 host. VHD made by MS-Disk2vhd utility. What else you want to know? Why is getting this player so hard?

VMware Player is an excellent application for running several operating systems on Windows.

This may seem impossible at first sight, how to execute an operating system inside another one, without affecting the state of the partitions and the memory? Because to install an operating system in a computer, we must prepare the hard disk with partitions compatible with that system and generally the operating system runs when the computer is turned on.

With VMware Player we can run 32 and 64 bit operating systems, such as Linux in all its versions, Solaris in all its versions, Windows in all its versions and any other OS we want to try, given that the hardware of our computer is adequate.

Some characteristics that stand out of VMware Player are:

- Possibility of installing an operating system the regular way, creating virtual partitions that do not modify the state of the disk because they are stored in special files.

- Shared computer memory use among the resident OS and the containing OS.

- Support for 64 bit OS.

- Automatic detection of all the hardware of the computer, such as sound card, video card and network card.

With VMware Player we can use tools from another operating system inside Windows, without the need for restarting the computer for accessing another operating system.