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Ares Gold 2.02

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  • search is fast and amazing its useful for finding videos songs and movies alike its just a complete package for all users to find what they need

Ares Gold is an application based on the famous Ares. One of its main advantages is its fast searches; it brings together all the features of the original Ares with other programs based on P2P search systems.

Ares Gold shows information about all the files (both what you’re looking for and what you’re downloading), magnified and totally complete. It manages files very well and you can preview the file status before you finish the download process. With this preview you can reproduce your files while they are downloading.

Ares Gold can search for and download any kind of file. You won’t have any problems with incompatibility. Ares Gold has a powerful search engine, based on the latest P2P technology.

Ares Gold has a very intuitive interface that is very easy to use.