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Now losing passwords with RAR files will never be a problem with this password cracking software

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Working with compressed files has always been part and parcel of a software developer’s daily virtual life. I myself work with compressed files, especially RAR and ZIP, on a very regular basis. I need to have large tracts of my program codes compressed for transmission, deployment or simply for storage. And considering the number of files, projects and programs that I work with, there are instances, few as they may seem, that I do forget the passwords to a few files. That’s when I turn to Advanced RAR Password Recovery.

Advanced RAR Password Recovery is a software specially designed to crack RAR compressed files. I’ve got this installed on my laptop and it comes in real handy whenever I forget a certain password to a RAR file. Like other password cracking software, this application uses two methods to crack passwords – dictionary and brute-force. I’ve used the program a few times already and it’s rather effective. The only gripe I have is, like other password cracking software out there, this one also takes a really lengthy period of time to crack the password. However, one of the aspects I like about it is that I can pause the cracking password and resume it anytime. And it does the job – I’ve cracked the passwords to the few files I’ve


Fast. Effective. Easy. Now that’s what I need in a password cracking software.


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • User options are available in tabs and checkboxes
  • Relatively more effective than other password cracking software


  • Only works on RAR archive files
  • Takes a relatively lengthy time to crack passwords
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to extract games so ican play them in my spare i enjoy playing pc games alot it keeps me from being bored at times so im asking you to hepl m

  • stuff i guess and the little brown fox jumped in a laker but apparently thats still not good enough and i need at least another 13 characters and im done

  • help me recover old saved files as well as films with unreadable passwords. After that download I shal see if this app is the best of all the ones I tried

  • I created a rar years ago but i forgot the password that was written on my last computer and i can't get it back so i wanna try to find it back

  • I have found an old achive which, of course, I don't remember the passwords. Old docs and photos stored there. Recovering it would be great!

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have tried using rar password recovery ultimate but stil can not open my file, please help me, i hope this software could do awesome works

  • so many rar password recovery tools of different types and cartegories these programs mostly work alike but one has to keep on looking for the

  • as similar program i used winrar unlock i need thr pasword for installing the game batman akham city i download it from website but they ddon't

  • i have use the program of rar password repair, but it does not work very well. so i found this one. i hope it can resolved my unexpected coded archive.

  • I did not used a similar program on my home, or work, or educational computers in any following countries: China, US, USSR,Ukraine and so an.

What do you like most about this program?
  • password recovery and all crucker software but almost all cruck program can not work it ask usd online but i need free if it ok i am glad to download this

  • soft and efficient. it is also flexible and help most because now a day many torrentz site use winrar to upload their document on line

  • the programm is perfect to read rar files and to open files whitch have been protected with a password for some protection during downloadin

  • The graphics are amazing and the gameplay runs pretty smoothly like you were playing with windows' solitaire, thanks for developing this for us

  • it heps me recover forgotten passwords on my computer and helps me in case i forget any password in any rar compressed file and lastly enables

Surely, you have had the experience of wanting to use a file you had not opened for a long time only to discover that it had a password you didn’t remember. In this cases, Advanced RAR Password Recovery has the appropriate solution.

This fabulous application gives you the possibility to recover the forgotten passwords of your compressed files in RAR format in a simple way and with just some clicks. To do it, you must simply select the corresponding content and to initiate the process. This task will be performed in a time according to the complexity and length of the lost password.

Advanced RAR Password Recovery has a practical and simple Multilanguage interface to which you can add different passwords dictionaries as a reference to enhance and noticeably improve the results.

Download Advanced RAR Password Recovery now. It is a tool you must have in your PC.

Limitations of the Demo Version:

- Some features are restricted.