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MSN Messenger Polygamy 15

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MSN Messenger Polygamy is an MSN Messenger program that lets you talk in several accounts at once, since you can open them all at the same time.

MSN Messenger Polygamy is very easy to install. You only have to run it, select the MSN Messenger executable file and then apply the patch and THAT’S THAT. As you can see, it’s very easy and you’ll adore being able to speak to everyone you want whenever you want.

MSN Messenger Polygamy has the same familiar features as your Messenger:

* Rename your contacts

* Organise conversations with tabs

* Sounds to express emotions

* Possibility of chatting at work since you can hide the window quickly if someone approaches

* Quick emoticon panel


And you can use all these options as many times as you want, opening all the accounts that you fancy with MSN Messenger Polygamy.