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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for unlock an archive zip that i did download today for see a movie whit my girlfriend any im writting because i need 23 chars left and i dont know what say

  • personal my file password are i forgot thats why iam choosing your software of ultimate ZIP Cracker i think it is working but what happen i don't know before check

  • unlock my old protected files because i had forgotted old passwords.i hope this software usefull for me to recover those files. thanking you.

  • to unlock a very important zip file that i forget the password\passkey for and to increase my computer intelligence and i wish to see if this program needs improvment

  • i am in a web design school i need these program for that i hope you guys will understand . I don't wanna write too much please let me download

What do you like most about this program?
  • it's easy to use and does a pretty good job atg unlocking blocked or locked zip files. it's an application i would recommend for everone to own

  • it very fast in encrypting the archive and have very simple interface and much easier to use. so it is a good decryption software. Thank you

  • I will use it first, then I can say that whether the program works for me or not. now let Mr download the software please . why I have to write so much?

Ultimate ZIP Cracker is a useful file password recovery tool.

This application is a complete set created for the recovery of passwords for documents created with the Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel applications, and also for any type of files compressed into ZIP or ARJ formats.

Some characteristics that stand out of Ultimate ZIP Cracker, are:

- DOC, XLS, ZIP and ARJ format support.

- Search methods: step by step, brute force, Smart Search, dictionary search and personalised.

- Word and Excel VBA password support.

- Hardware support for latest generation of computers.

Ultimate ZIP Cracker will help you gain access to data that are under a forgotten password. If the password was well crafted, the programme may work a considerable amount of time to recover it.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- It recovers only 5 caracters.