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YouTube Downloader 5.7.6

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If you navigate over the Web, you have probably heard about YouTube, it is a website that has the widest videos library. Unfortunately, the service does not include the download of the contents. Nevertheless, there are applications such as YouTube Downloaderto solve this problem.

With this program you can download any video from YouTube to your PC at an excellent speed. Also, YouTube Downloader contains a player of FLV files so that you preview the "clip" in your computer, without you having to convert it to another format beforehand.

The system is very simple: you just have toposition the cursor on the element that you want and press the button “OK“. Automatically, the file will begin to be downloaded in FLV format. Once you have the file on your hard disk, you will be able to change its format freely.

Finally, YouTube Downloader is a program perfectly and it is worth having among your preferred applications.


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