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Messenger MiX Live 1.1

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Messenger MiX Live is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger, an excellent utility to extend your Microsoft IM client’s functions to the fullest.

Messenger MiX Live modifies the original Microsoft client, letting you do actions that were once restricted. One of the modifications lets you open more than one Messenger at a time, using different user accounts at the same time.

Messenger MiX Live lets you clean the Messenger interface, eliminating the ads that the program shows by default.

Messenger MiX Live lets you configure Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger, showing the avatars housed in websites, automatically answering messages, blocking nudges, voice conversations and animated emoticons, among other functions.

Messenger MiX Live includes an excellent tool for creating interesting nicknames in seconds with the possibility of automatically changing them at set times.

Necessary software requirements: *

- Windows Live Messenger;

- MSN Messenger.