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Speed up your PC’s performance with this effective cleaning software application

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

RamCleaner is a lightweight and effective cleaning application software that allows you to clean your PC’s RAM. Though I don’t really have any issues or problems with my laptop’s RAM, I decided to give this software a try, so I downloaded and installed RamCleaner on my system.

I noticed immediately that the application scans, monitors and determines automatically how my system’s RAM should be optimized. The software is supposed to make my computer run faster and more efficiently however, I didn’t really notice any significant boost in speed and performance. There’s also an option to manually initiate the clean-up process but there are very little setting options available for users. The software’s interface shows the total physical memory on board the system as well as the virtual memory available.

The software may have a significant impact on cleaning up the system if the RAM is being used more extensively. Overall, I didn’t find any significant boost in my laptop’s speed and performance, but this software may be of more use for users with high RAM usage.


  • Software can run automatically upon installation
  • The application is lightweight in and of itself


  • In my case, no significant advantage or benefit felt
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • make my laptop run smoother and faster by making for RAM free. Why do I need to keep typing and use up all of the characters? I dont understand

  • I am going to use this to clean ram from my pc hope it will let other program run smoothly and without ant lag and it should work silently ok

  • RamCleaner 7.0.3 is a good softeare for pc. my pc needed it. this soft works very pantastics, i love this app. beceause of its working capasity.

  • i would like to download this app for my own pc, since it alwas run out of memory. i think some useless memory caches can be cleared thank u

  • for cleaning purpose .my pc perform very slow and i want to clean extra things thats lis in my computer.thats is in ram rom or other location.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Yes . regcleaner is the software that i used before downloading this ! Rest softwares i cant remember but do let me know if you still persist i think over more ! thanks !

  • i have not used .this will be the first app that i am downloading and i hope it satisfies me...i downloaded it to clean my ram coz i play a lot of games

  • I havenot used anysuch typpe of similar softwear ever ..this is my first tym and lets see what will happen ..i think it will works for me...

  • i havnt used any similar programs still...nuhhh now iam gng thing to use more like dese its beacuse it is awsome i cant explain how mucch excited i am right now

  • i havenot used anysuch typpe of similar softwear ever ..this is my first tym and lets see what will happen ..i think it will works for me...

What do you like most about this program?
  • helps me thank you very much i need things to speed up i hate this computer because its cheap but i cant afford another one why are you maki

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  • its clean the ram of the computer system in windows 10.0 version so i'll be great to have software like this ramcleaner 7.0.3 from php nuke


RamCleaner is a small, simple and practical programme meant for cleaning and optimising the computer’s RAM memory as well as managing-monitoring processes.

When a programme is finished running, it is possible that the RAM memory that was used for its operation is inaccessible for the system, making future actions slower and obstructing the correct working for the rest of the applications.

RamCleaner is a programme destined to solve these problems through a few simple clicks. The user can make sure RAM memory is completely available. Also, thanks to the tools of this powerful programme, it is possible to visualise the current usage of physical memory and the page files (SWAP) or exchange memory.

RamCleaner incorporates other interesting tools, such as CPU monitoring and process manager, thanks to this it is possible to maintain total control of the computer from one simple programme.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- The trial period expires after 31 days.