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FreeRAM XP Pro 1.03

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FreeRAM XP Pro is a cleaning and RAM memory optimisation programme for Windows systems, includes defragmentation functions to achieve the maximum possible performance.

RAM memory is one of the main factors in fluidity and stability of any system, and given some memory management problems that Windows has, sometimes applications do not free their RAM memory when finishing execution, because of this problem a quantity (sometimes big sometimes very small)of memory gets “stuck” and all the applications or Windows itself cannot use it, with all the consequences this has. FreeRAM XP Pro is thought out for solving these problems.

FreeRAM XP Pro is a simple programme, very functional, allows for cleaning RAM memory automatically, or on demand manually, it minimises to the system’s tray, generating detailed reports of the state of the memory, in conclusion; a fundamental tool for all users, without regard of the knowledge level they have.

FreeRAM XP Pro offers the possibility of defragmenting RAM memory, reorganising it to improve its performance.