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ObjectDock 2.1

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ObjectDock is an application that adds an appealing icon bar to your Windows desktop with Mac style.

Apple is a company that is known (among other things) for marking the trends as far as design, and operating systems are no exception. The visual appearance of Mac systems is excellent, and many users (of Windows as well as Linux) try to emulate it. ObjectDock is a simple tool that allows you to include a Mac style toolbar in your Windows desktops.

ObjectDock adds a spectacular taskbar to the desktop. The icons change size when the mouse passes over them, and it includes a pre-visualization of the windows that are running.

ObjectDock allows the user to configure several aspects of the navigation bar, add new icons, eliminate others, etc.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- The trial version has no operational limitations, but there is a PRO version with extended program features.