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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • in other for me to update my powershell , so i can install windows management framework. i hope i am allowed to do this because the download button is not showing

  • to supplement my needs in installing navigation application to support its program requirements and its video graphic and installation process

  • For video driver.I want to update my dell package which is expecing that i should download microsoft .net framework 4.5 version or higher to

  • software use to repair some mobile phones that is being required by the program to be installed first prior using it so that you can open and install it..

  • Work assignment with a deadline Thursday, December 15, 2016. I am working remotely and need this program to complete a software installation correctly.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i will be using auto cad and simlier programes to open frequently thats what i need microsoft .Net frame work in this computer i always been

  • i have not used any similar programs i want to be a programmer in future and i decided to try out c++ and i hope that dis programe will make my dreams come true

  • Microsoft .net framework 4 which are used for web and windows application. We will work with latest version and would link to develop high profile applications.

  • Microsoft visual studio both from version 6 to 2010. Not forgetting the earlier versions of the Microsft.Net framework like 2.0. Netbeans for java apps

  • None others. I desperately needs theprogram to further my studies, or else I will be in dire straights. thus program is needed fot programming

What do you like most about this program?
  • It allows installation of another required software that increase the capability of computer , so .NET is an essential component mostly in windows.

  • required for installation of latest software like coreldraw 7 which we cant install with normal window 7 application and rest of the file of

  • excellent program to have best softwares run. So thankful to you on providing this software absolutely free. Thank you very much and appreciate it

  • it allows 3D designing softwares to run and work on. it is easily available on your site and does not frustrate the user. I hope you deliver consistently

  • this site provide us with necessary update tools that are really worth while to computers of different brands and editions. so we admire the

Microsoft .NET Framework is a set of tools for the development and execution of .NET applications.

Thanks to the increasing wave of design of applications based on this platform, it is necessary to have a tool that supports this type of programs. Microsoft .NET Framework offers numerous libraries, routines, DLL's, compatibility with different computer languages, inclusion of ASP.NET, .NET Framework Service Pack, .NET Framework 1.0a, Microsoft .NET Framework SDK 1.1 and several other tools. To sum up, with this utility you will obtain solutions to the usual problems a program created in.NET can generate.

Microsoft .NET Framework will also help you keep your PC in conditions to execute any application without problems. Do not let your PC lack this essential application!