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SWF Extractor 2.3

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • downloading video from our local news where was reportage about us. television owner uses security for news as for other archive, so it is well protected from noobs

  • I want tot download a video from another website! I tried many programms and many way but nothing worked for me someone told about this app.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have only previously used Sothink's flash decompiler, nothing else I have found to try yet. I am hoping your software program solves this for me.

SWF Extractor is a portable utility that allows us to extract the content from SWF flash files.

SWF Extractor is a simple tool. It is only necessary to press a button to obtain all the SWF file content be it: audio tracks in mp3, images, embedded videos, sounds, animations, etc.

SWF Extractor is a small programme that is completely portable, it does not require installation for its use, by simply extracting the file it is possible to start to enjoy the application.

SWF Extractor stores in an automatic folder all the SWF content, it is not necessary to configure any parameter, just specify the location for the extracted files.

Main Features:

- Ease of use.

- Portability.

-It allows you to obtain MP3 audio tracks and WAV sounds.

- Allows you to extract JPG and PNG images.