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Adobe Flash Media Encoder

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Adobe Flash Media Encoder is a great decoder of adobe sparkles that allows you to stream videos and audios in real time.

It has an updated user interface that is so much easier to use. It has an enhanced auto adjust that helps make sure that the delivery time is in real time. It has a DVR functionality that can help enhance control over live streams. It has new presets that will let you work with multiple bit rate encoding. It has a system time code that can help you out with metadata. It has multiple bit rate encoding that can encode up to three streams simultaneously. It supports a wide variety of input devices including your webcam, FireWire and USB devices. It encodes high quality videos for any live event. It even restarts itself automatically when a problem takes place. Those are just a few of the many features of Adobe Flash Media Encoder.

Adobe Flash Media Encoder is a very helpful tool to people who wants high quality streaming in broadcasting live events. Download now and check out its great features.