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QuickReport Viewer 1.62

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • .to check the wages at school. Because they use QRP files.And after a long search, I found Quickreport viewer 1.62 online. So I'm gonna give it a go.

  • reporting for a projecting in my school. so you be a member of the company.the quick report viewer will help me achieve this fate.thank you.

  • personal use only to export and import some strange files i received here on this stupid reporting tool for digging up and down b i da te nd

  • I try some more thing to view a good capture of Quick Report reports and in google i found this program so i choice to test how does it work

  • For detailed report of Airbus TETRA dispatcher management system data collection of groups,subscribers, clients, workstation users and organization blocks

What similar programs have you used?
  • We have used currently dashboard or qlik by globel software. And we would like to quick view to get simple way to see the documents quickly .

  • We use oneview softwar for converty qrp report into excel but having problem. first time saw your site, therefore we try our best to use this program

  • Your download is always available You are about to download QuickReport Viewer 1.62 from our server What similar programs have you used? microsaft office

  • Crystal reports, Assess, Microsoft suite of products e.g. excell, word powerpoint, paradox, sql along with visual basic. what is the purpose of this

  • i have need to use any programs need to open a document first time. tried with PDF and word but no luck. so i searched online for solution and found this software

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy to use, familiar interface and compatibility level is nice in connection with other file type looks lika .qrp .csv and so son and so on

  • It quickly opens reports generated in national health systems, all of them based on QRP. Only this program can open them. I have to use them almost every day

With QuickReport Viewer, you will be able to open and view files saved in any format. The application removes the need to install several different applications just to view files of different formats.

Let it be report or graphic files, QuickReport Viewer is able to let you view the files with great visual quality. The files can be printed with the application with just the click of a button. In a sense, QuickReport Viewer saves important computer space since you don’t have to download a corresponding application in order to view a file with different format.

QuickReport Viewer is very slick application with a great interface. It has been designed with simplicity and with the users in mind. This is one of the most convenient and space saver application on the market.