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AVS Mobile Uploader is a video uploader application for mobile platforms.

Having to constantly update you mobile devices like iPods and PSP can be quite a complicated and time consuming job, mostly due to the fact that almost all mobile devices these days come with different video formats and applications that use them and rarely play any other format besides what their mother coding has. AVS Mobile Uploader will make sure that this process goes much faster and will keep it simple.

By using AVS Mobile Uploader you can upload all your audio and video files to your devices in a quick and what is more important, reliable way, making sure that all you data is stored on the mobile platform without the loss of data or corruption. And its user oriented interface will allow both the beginners and advanced users to use it.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

- All Windows updates and service packs for Bluetooth/Infrared devices connection previously installed.

- Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later previously installed.