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  • i have been using matrix screen locker before and i formated so it was deleted in my computer that is why i want to download it again, in com

Are you a fan of the movie The Matrix? Do you like how nice the binary characters showed up on the screen of the movie? Now with Matrix Screen Locker, you can recreate that effect on your desktop screen.

However, the only way for you to see the Matrix special effect on your computer is when your system is locked. As long as your computer is locked, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Matrix screen. The image looks real and the speed of characters scrolling is just right.

Matrix Screen Locker is very small in size and once you download it, you only have to go to your Desktop properties and change the settings for it to start when your computer is locked. Matrix Screen Locker is really fun to have and offers a great visual pleasure for all users.