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MP3 Direct Cut 2.19

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Because it is the best audio editing program that I used in my life. It is very easy to use and meets my needs. I recommend total way, not lie

  • I want to use it, to edit music. This saves encoding time and preserves the original audio quality, because absolutely nothing must be re-encoded. The built in recorder lets you create MP3s "on the fly" from every source.

  • cut a song to partecipate a dance selectin for a tv program, but don t speak english very well so don tb know wath have to write, hope it s e

What do you like most about this program?
  • Facility and fast I like it very much because my music is always organized and easy to do everything I want an I don't know what to say anumore

MP3 Direct Cut is an application with which you will be able to divide an MP3 format audio file in several smaller parts. You will not need to record intermediate sequences because you will perform all the operations directly from the MP3.

MP3 Direct Cut will automatically stop the recording if the hard disk is full. It will also allow you to isolate a part of any song to use it in the mobile as a ringtone.

To extract songs from one session and to make your own music selection so as to listen to what you want are other advantages offered by this programme.

Summing up, with MP3 Direct Cut you will be able to cut files, to turn down or up the volume, to extract a portion of the MP3 file and to smooth the beginning or the end of the songs. It is a tool which will be very useful at all times. What are you waiting for to download it?