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Audacity Portable 2.0.3

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Enhance your audios and create complex projects with simple tools

By Ellie Teller

On Friday, March 11, 2016

Audacity is a cool little program that serves as a good alternative for those who can’t afford other professional tools such as Adobe Audition or Pro Tools. It offers way less tools and fancy stuff, but it can take you out of a rough spot. The program is as simple as it can get, since you only have to take care of two audio tracks (or whatever number you need to use) and a couple of standard tools such as tone or pitch to manipulate your audio. Even though I would not recommend this program for music production, you can use it to modify voices and play around with sounds to enhance the audio of a short film, for example. I´ve used Audacity myself to create old radio voice effects and such, and the outcome is satisfying for a free tool. You can also use this to convert your tracks to another audio format that suits your projects better, since Audacity supports a variety of formats.


  • It´s free and works just fine
  • The interface is clean and intuitive


  • It lacks of many professional tools
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What similar programs have you used?
  • wavelab cubase reason are a few of the similar programmes iv used in the past for recording audio dj mixs and is a great capable piece of kit

Audacity Portable is the portable version of the audio editor Audacity, it can be loaded on a USB key or any other device that supports read and write functions.

Audacity Portable includes all the characteristics and functionalities of the complete programme, with the advantage that it is a portable, light and simple version, making data migration between computers easier.

Main Features:

- Real-time audio recording.

- It allows for editing the most popular audio file formats currently.

- It includes import–export functionalities.

- It allows for extending the functionalities through the use of plug-ins.

- Free programme, open source under GNU-GPL licence.

- It includes several ready to use effects.

- Ease of use.

- Completely portable.

- Simple interface design.

- It allows for normalising the volume of the files.