Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.01 screenshot

Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.01

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • search outlook item since my outosearch having error, I try finding in microsoft site that this software component discontinue as microsoft policy

Microsoft Windows Desktop Search is a good alternative for searching for files in your Desktop. The application has more features and is customizable compared to the plain search tool included in your system.

Once you download and install Microsoft Windows Desktop Search, all files and folders on your system are indexed. It is this index database that makes it easy to search and find files. When new files are added, the index is automatically updated.

Microsoft Windows Desktop Search can be integrated in your system’s tool bar in the form of a search field. The interface where all results are displayed is quite intuitive and easy to understand. Moreover, the application is very light which makes it very useful. Microsoft Windows Desktop Search is a good tool that you should try at least once.