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Adobe Atmosphere 1.0

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Im going to write a paper concerning how children use digital computer games for learning, and to present their products i think Adobe Atmosphere could be a useful tool.

Adobe Atmosphere is an excellent and entertaining program you can use to create three dimensional planets. At the same time they can be visited by people from the whole world via the internet, letting you interact with them in real time.

Once you have created a world, or you are integrated to one, you will have the opportunity of establishing communication with all of those integrated to said planet. This offers the opportunity of meeting people from all over, in a completely innovative way.

Adobe Atmosphere consists of a series options that raise to the max the power of creation and design of your projects. It establishes certain aspects of the “planets” where you can indicate the preferences of the majority of the integrants, and in this we you can determine the general likes and dislikes of its inhabitants.