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Portable ClamWin 0.97.8

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Do yo want a very win-win experience in terms of anti-virus programs and computer protection? Portable ClamWin is the one that you have been waiting for so long. Portable ClamWin is one of the greatest and treasured antivirus software ever created.

Portable ClamWin is one of the most known antivirus package that is packed with enough portability. Accessibility and handiness is not a problem with Portable ClamWin. The software has a feature that enables you to bring the antivirus feature wherever you go. Portable ClamWin is also designed with a very user friendly interface that enables every user to maximize its functionality.

Portable ClamWin can be place on any portable devices like USB, Ipod devices and others that fulfills its portability function. Portable ClamWin is one of a kind that helps you fulfill your dreams.