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Anti Trojan Elite 5.6.2

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Anti Trojan Elite is a programme destined to improve the security in Windows, mainly by getting rid of malware.

Malware are programmes designed for malicious purposes, as damaging or destroying a system, they come in various forms, the most common being: Trojan horses, spy programmes and keyboard trackers. Anti Trojan Elite neutralises these threats an the very moment they are detected. Anti Trojan Elite functions by monitoring and cleaning malicious programs in real time.

Anti Trojan Elite incorporates other important security tools, Anti Trojan Elite allows for watching and controlling the system’s processes and managing TCP/IP connections to obtain greater security levels.

Anti Trojan Elite is a light programme, and unlike many other computer security programmes, it does not use a significant amount of the system's resources, the performance of all the programmes that run at the same time that Anti Trojan Elite will not be affected.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

The trial version analyses the system and detects malicious programs, but for elimination the paid version is required.