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Remote-Anything 5.60.15

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • just for connecting my 2 pcs which are separated by 200m, thats it. It's great cause now without being in my pc, every time i move from home to home i can start downloading movies

  • training my student in my school because this program is very simple and high control that is help us to provide good way for carry information

  • keep an eye on my employees in order to always be controlled in the work, so that there is no misuse of corporate it does not leak elsewhere

Remote-Anything is a highly intelligent application that allows you to take control of your keyboard, mouse and monitor from any remote PC residing on a LAN., connected via a modem, or the Internet. It allows you to perform as if you are sitting right in front of the computer. Typically, you would access a remote computer of your LAN in order to share storage, printers or other resources. However, this is quite different than that. Remote-Anything enables you to take direct control over the remote computer’s mouse, keyboard, and desktop.

Remote-Anything uses a terminology to describe its remote PC, which is a slave. With the application, you have the capability of controlling many different slaves in different locations.

With you install Remote-Anything on a remote PC, you can easily record your sessions and even shut down your PC remotely. It provides you with a function to perform at traceroute to see the exact path from one computer to another.