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HDD Regenerator 2011

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To save my hard disk drive from failure as reported by Windows. The exact cause is unknown at this moment. Mark or repair bad sectors and f

  • im going to use the HDD Regenerator 2011 to repare the hd of my computer as i have seen in a video on youtube, i hope that this program help

  • recover or repair my passport 500 GB external drive that stopped working just recently ,it will not load up ,it is not recognised by windows

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have not used any similar programs yet. this would be the first one. hopefully it works and i will continue to use it or purchase the software

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like this softer since reading about it, it has a lot of features that I can use espcailly will greatly help me in saving my corrupt data

  • very usefull and it help me to fix any harddisk problem issues. this is great for every user to continue using this because of good performance

  • hope it works for what I want to test out. Other programs have been a dissapointment so for so heres hoping this one will do the trick. wish

  • can detect & repair bad sectors on both hard drives, solid state drives ,flash disks, memory cards,plus all ohter removable medias like sd card

  • hdd recovery for a hard drive with bad sectors. Hopefully it will salvage my hard drive so I can reinstall window 7 and the upgrade to win10

HDD Regenerator is an interesting application designed to recover defective sectors from hard disks.

As hard disks are composed of magnetised cylinders and the reading on their surface is done in a sequential way, it is possible that, when some sectors become damaged, the path to access certain information could not be followed, and because of that the data from the disk could not be read.

With HDD Regenerator damaged sectors or badly magnetised ones can be repaired. This tool ignores the file system included on the disk (FAT, NTFS or any other) and performs scanning on the physical surface.

You can put HDD Regenerator in a diskette or a CD to start directly from this device and thus work under DOS.

HDD Regenerator performs repairs without modifying or altering existing data in the hard disk.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- Recovers part of the damaged sectors.