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Flash Movie Player 1.5

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Flash Movie Player is a tool designed to play video files with the ShockWave Flash (SWF) format.

With Flash Movie Player you can rewind Flash animations and games, use the full-screen mode and playlists and include it in the web browser cache.

Some important features of Flash Movie Player include:

- Opens EXE format projectors;

- You can extract flash films from projectors;

- Playlist and editing list support;

- Full-screen mode with browser bar that hides automatically;

- Zoom tools, quality selection, scene repetitions and scale selection;

- Capture photograms in JPEG or BMP format;

- Rapid access keys for the most important functions;

- Possibility of adding SWF files from the IE, Firefox and Opera caches.

Flash Movie Player uses up only a few of your computer’s resources and has an easy interface.