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ABC Amber Text Converter 5.07

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm intend to use for personal purposes, as I still have old files in WK1 format, and I need to review the info inside them. I hope it works

What do you like most about this program?
  • it converts a file no other program i have found can convert. i like to read a lot of much older but still very importantant document files and its impossible otherwise

  • not sure yet. I'll be looking seriously at the program and then I will try to make a decision about its efficacy as it relates to the problem I'm having.

ABC Amber Text Converter is a programme that allows conversions to be made among multiple text document formats.

ABC Amber Text Converter includes support for a wide range of text formats currently used and integrates excellent management tools which allow for easy management of the generated documents.

ABC Amber Text Converter offers the possibility of establishing different parameters in the files, modifying descriptions, author, establish password protection, perform conversions in batch mode (multiple files simultaneously), etc.

One of the more characteristic functions of this application, is the capability for exporting text to the portable Adobe format (PDF), even allowing the use of encryption functions for these documents.

Main Features:

- Supports batch mode conversions.

- Supports export functions to PDF format.

- Supports encryption functions.

- Supports skins.

- Ease of use.

- Support for more than 30 file formats.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

-The trial period expires after 30 days.