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The power to convert all your MBOX files in large numbers by using SysTools MBOX Converter 2.1

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, June 15, 2015

MBOX files data has been known not to be supported by a wide range of applications hence need to be converted to a compatible version. Some of the applications that do not support such file data include MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail and others. If you are having data files in MBOX format and would like to convert it such that it is convertible with the above applications then you will need to use the SysTools MBOX Converter to convert a number of MBOX files at a go. With the SysTools MBOX Converter, MBOX files are converted in to a PST, MSG or an EML files which are easily convertible with a number of computer applications.

SysTools MBOX Converter can support conversion of MBOX Files in all platforms. While converting this files users can choose either to create a single PST per MB OX or even create a common PST for all the MBOX files.


  • - Can convert MBOX files in all platforms
  • - Converts MBOX files in to different formats compatible with all desktop clients


  • - Can only convert MBOX data files
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SysTools MBOX Converter is a technologically constructed tool that can support MBOX files for any platform. With this program, it is possible to carry out the conversion of multiple MBOX files at once in a batch mode. Along with that, the tool offers three different file formats to convert MBOX files into, namely PST, MSG, and EML files. The conversion makes it possible for the MBOX file data to be used in applications like; MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and more, that whilst might not support MBOX files, are some of the most commonly used desktop mail clients. When converting MBOX to PST it is possible to create one PST per MBOX or a common PST for all MBOX files. However, MBOX Converter also features eight different naming convention options for MBOX converted into EML or MSG, that is the single mail file formats, to set your file name pattern of choice.