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Creative Labs WebCam Instant (VF-0040)

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use it for web cam during online webinar. For skype and other social media messengers to connect with my friends and family abroad

  • to communicate with relatives that live around the world and continue my online education as well as being able to conduct meetings form the comforts of home

  • we use the program because is necessary download the drivers file for the correct working of web cam creative that not have e installation disco

  • will use on windows 7 desktop in living room, so my kids can record themselves and have fun watching each other faces on the screen of the monitor

  • use as my webcam for skype and omegle and more web browsers its an old won i just got the webcam why do i have to write so mutch it unesesery

What do you like most about this program?
  • i enjoy video chating with friends family. its a really good progrom for my kids to stay in touch with their grandparents and friends as well

  • everything the usb is awesome and its sleek white creative color and shap is great for my video chat i just bought the web cam but i have no windows 10 driver

  • I don't know yet, I have not got it downloaded yet. I am trying to get the drivers for my webcam that I cannot find anywhere else. If this download works I will do a review.

  • its so easy and this program is too important in mi life in any case this page is the best of the est if you can try please take it asi que a probar muchachos

Creative Labs WebCam Instant (VF-0040)