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Microsoft DirectX 9.0b

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To play games like grand theft auto and cod and to also get much better computer performance because i really need directx 9.0 or the latest version

  • for the purpose of playing soccer games on my pc overall gaming use because basically i have not been able to play both fifa and pes on my pc

  • To play the best game invented Halo, if this is a problem for you then I hope you choke on a piece of lego you uncultured swine, Pc H4CK3R Out

  • to play a game on my windows pc computer that i have at homne and think this download will help me out alot in what im trying to use it for.

  • video editing and dv hdtv review from my camera to my laptop because nothing else has worked yet and this is what the manuel says to do if i havent yet

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have never use any program of such this is just the first time i am trying it now to see how it will work mewhile i am expecting good result

  • well i use so much application just like grand theft auto V and another app like assassin's creed Rogue that use the best gameplay i ve ever

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like how when you want to download some things, it is for free. This makes me very happy. Thank you to all peeple who did an amazing job.!

  • allows many games to be played in windows operating system laptops and desktops hence providing fun and relaxation activities at the click of

  • it lets me download stuff for free which is extremely useful as i am a gamer and require of extra programs to run the games i need so this is very good for me

  • this program helps to intall many helpful softwares in or or all types of games and hardwares in the pc so ilike it .and it is very useful for us

  • I will mostly be playing games. Other than that I have no idea, there is a possibility of photo and video editing in the near future as well.

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