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Creative Labs WebCam Live! (VF-0050) 1.01.01

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chat with your friends live and see very clear images with the creative labs webcam

By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, November 27, 2015

i must say from the beginning of the review that anything that comes from creative labs does not disappoint at all.They have speakers and this speakers play the music so well and they are in package of four and now even they have introduced some 6 packages.

Once you buy the creative labs webcam you will be able to use your skype as you will set it up infront of your laptop or computer and then install it on your computer which is a very short process and does not take much of your time.From here you can decide whether to use it for facebook video calling or skype and you will see whom you are chatting with live.What impresses me alot with the creative labs webcam is that it is very easy to install and then set it up but the most amazing of them all is that the graphics or so to say the images that are produced by it are just superb.


  • it offeres very qualuity images
  • it is easy to istall and set it up


  • it is portable so it can even be stolen




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To have people see me when I use Skype to contact friends in the USA and other countries. The camera has worked OK before, but not any more. Hope I can download a correct driver.

  • activate web cam on my PC for skype communication from home to work or to the college. conference call sharing screen when needed and to develop new application with kids

  • For communicating with friends or familly and (maybe) streaming video games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. I am going to talk by using skype

  • photo shoting and video and sharing multimedia for the friends or people whatever i don't know what is this chars but left 18 chars must be end

  • for skype conversation to use it for my family chatting abroad. i took this cam from a good friend but unfortunately he do not have the driver

What similar programs have you used?
  • cyberlink and lots of other program that used as capturing tools such as creative labs webcam instant and so on. it is only a little hope to

  • for communicating with my friends or family and matbe steaming vidio games like call of duty or battle field iam going to talk useing skype now

  • I didn't use any similar programs before because I never had install the web cam on my laptop as it was always inbuilt in the notebook. This is the first time.

  • I have not used a similar program. Need a 64 bit compatible that Vista will accept. Very good cam even though it has reached end of life support.

  • ive used many like this they are so wonderfull i cant wait to use it its gonna be one of the greatest things ive ever used in my time compn!

What do you like most about this program?
  • i need the program to run my businees and chat via facetime or record videos relating to my job which is music. needs it for a radio show as well.

  • First i will download and install then i will tell about my like or unlike if the downloaded driver is working fine. Thanks for the link shared

  • everithing is perfect to use into this program because it is very practive in the use of camera for meetings online and many other things for us

  • everything about it, it's a wonderful experience and i truly recommend it, people should always try programs like this an will have a better life

  • I like the ability to use my camera that I bought several years ago. I do not have the software anymore and need a web cam for school and speaking with family.

Creative Labs WebCam Live! (VF-0050)