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Microsoft DirectX 3D 8.1b

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for start game spider man 2 any other big games like prince of persia ; spiderman 3; tomb raider i think this software is work thank you for this great help

  • games, for fun, with my family, at home, and as many things as i find this program fits because i am not so sure that it will solve the problem

  • playing games with friends at my house. Enjoying the benefits of a decent directx program. Trying the new game i just got and really want to play

  • for my game leage of legend because the game wont started before i install this program to insure the game will running well and enjoy playing

  • Cubeworld and other stuff that requiers DIRECTX 3D 8.1b. THis program will help me with my issue where i cant start many programs who need this

What similar programs have you used?
  • Windows 7 direct x because I like to play games on my Computer realtek ac97 Audio cause I Iike to make sure the I can hear what I am playing

  • I have to used games like as play spider man and anothers games so iahve need direct 3d x 8.1 b for use best game in my computer so please all

  • I never use any before,the one that came with PC has been erased during re installation of a windows,ever since i've never been able to play my games then.

  • direct x 9. I need it for an application I've installed. I am grateful that this download is still available for users like myself. Thank you.

  • am using this for gaming and moviesi think it is a best progrma ever for playing games in pcs and d also has a good quality graphics. Its awesome.

What do you like most about this program?
  • i need that directx for play game :) why too short i write shot mean cuz so weak wait rewduse form only long dude this dont do anything i though

  • yes because it allows messenger facebook and other games to work so i like this app and its functioning download it and you will find your computer fast

  • its good for gaming, this help a lot of gamers in the world specialy those who plays warcraft, and it is also use for applications that are outdated

  • I love playing games and direct x can help me accomplish the games I used to play back in the days. It's just ahead its time, a free software like this

  • It provides good vision and very good clearity. By which we can improve our gaming experiences. I am lover of game, so it is my need this prg

Microsoft DirectX 3D 8.1b