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Microsoft DirectX 3D 8.1b

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • games, for fun, with my family, at home, and as many things as i find this program fits because i am not so sure that it will solve the problem

  • To play my games and I cant seem to get them so if I can download this driver because some say that I need the directx 3d so maybe by instal

  • while playing game to get vision from every angle and get real feeling on the game just like delta force,grand thief auto vice city etc very nicely.

  • I going to use the program for making housing plan and acitecture work and i al ready download software of sweet home 3d ,please accept this request

  • I want to play an old game: jurassic park operation genesis that requires DirectX3D 8.1b to run, quite frustrating really but totally worth it

What similar programs have you used?
  • I never use any before,the one that came with PC has been erased during re installation of a windows,ever since i've never been able to play my games then.

  • Windows 7 .8 windows xp directx Vga drivers wdm_a4.06 realtek audio ,multimedia controller facebook youtube twitter Intragam google norton to

  • am using this for gaming and moviesi think it is a best progrma ever for playing games in pcs and d also has a good quality graphics. Its awesome.

  • direct x 9. I need it for an application I've installed. I am grateful that this download is still available for users like myself. Thank you.

  • i have nothing to uge asram similar program.somthing going wrong with this personal comuter.i jus want to download this softwear to play my game softly

What do you like most about this program?
  • yes because it allows messenger facebook and other games to work so i like this app and its functioning download it and you will find your computer fast

  • its a very good programe for games and pc and i would like to download it because there is some proplem in my game because im a gamer so can

  • useful creative adaptive selective active associative i need to play games. stop errors and messages. other things. just give it to me please

  • I love playing games and direct x can help me accomplish the games I used to play back in the days. It's just ahead its time, a free software like this

  • i need that directx for play game :) why too short i write shot mean cuz so weak wait rewduse form only long dude this dont do anything i though

Microsoft DirectX 3D 8.1b