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Spycam Lizard 1.220

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  • This App is super easy to use, yet provides a bunch of cool features that that will bring your surveillance project to success and its ability to hide while capturing

If you were looking for a reliable and silent webcam monitoring tool, you found it in Spycam Lizard. The software can be configured to monitor and capture images exactly the way you want. This configuration is doable in the main interface of the software.

You will notice how intuitive this interface is and comes with all the basic and necessary features for the job at hand. Indeed, Spycam Lizard can start recording the video when a motion is detected. You can even tell the software to just to capture images of the detected motions.

If you prefer, Spycam Lizard can just record without any detected motion. Thanks to the integrated HTTP server, you will have the opportunity to monitor the videos remotely. There is no doubt that once you try this software, you will love it!