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reating bootable iso or image file fro a flash disk has never been easier

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting the right tools to burn Iso or image files into disks has always been hard but developers where able to been this and made several tools which could easily do this. After that there were also many who wanted to be able to use an iso file that could be used in booting or installation. This is when rufus was born.

Rufus is a tool that can be used to easily burn and iso or image file, denoted by .iso as the extension, into an external hard drive or flash drive. It works in many ways and also has other extension by which you can burn images out of. Its interface is well laid out with easy to use terms, so as to suit anyone who wants to use it.

Rufus was made basically as a wyswig kind of tool so as to avoid any confusion as to what goes where.


You actually need to understand that rufus acts like a plug and play tool, so no installation is needed. Once you launch it you will be met by the interface with

1. The title and the version you have.

2. Device (column)

3. Partition scheme and target system type (column)

4. Cluster size (column)

5. New volume label.

6. Format option.

All of this are easy to understand when you start using.

Now when you insert an external flash, the vice column will show the devices name, partition will show the partitions in the device, cluster will show the size of your device and so on.

Once you have inserted the flash and all the info is displayed, you will just head over to the format options and click on (create a bootable disk using) choose iso if that’s file extension you have. Others are Ms-Dos , FreeDos , iso image and DD image.

Once you have selected the one you want to use. Click on the drive button infront of the extension you have chosen and navigate to where your file is located in the computer.

Once you are satisfied with all that you have chosen, click on the “Start” button.

NB.. Rufus doesn’t allow you to burn if the device has any content inside. So make sure you have backed up everything because you will be prompted to format the device.


Rufus does what many have not been able to do, Its simplicity is also a plus since it wont take you A hundred rounds in order to bring you back to the beginning .


  • No installation needed, so it doesn’t leave registry traces on your computer
  • It is compatible with mac, if you are a mac user
  • The interface is simply designed to be extra user friendly
  • Rufus is free to use and you are not required to pay


  • Since it is a wyswig kind of tool, there are no disadvantages
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i need it to create a usb boot disc for my computer instal of xp professional. I believe this is the only software that can achieve this install

  • VmWare personal lab for VCP examAccess this exclusive guide to learn how snapshots can benefit your IT shop by saving you time and resources while reducing management stress. Additionally, find out how to troubleshoot problems that occur when snapshots are used incorrectly.

  • to install windowsI am using this program because I would like to download Windows Ten to my computer(chromebook)but I can not do that with-out having Rufus 2.1.649

  • I am using this program because I would like to download Windows Ten to my computer(chromebook)but I can not do that with-out having Rufus 2.1.649

  • need to chang from chrome os to windows 10. cant believe how easy this tool wil make this for me. thank you and keep up the good work guys!!

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used windows and a whole bunch of sofware programs alought of the times i like to use ifunbox as well for modifying files and stuff ...

What do you like most about this program?
  • the way it works and the ease with which one can use to meet daily needs. this is also a handy tool for making bootable usb or other divices

  • applications and for translating the file windows to chrome os,its nice to know that furus is one of the technique to do what i need to have a software

  • feasible to use and no need of a compact disk and we can easily make usb bootable all these are the things that are most likeable so its good

  • adobe photoshop becaude this is very fast editing image design oietry and many other thing work such as image blur text printing and change of clothes.

  • it seems like a very great rofus program I plan on using it to turn my chromebook in a pc and I am hopefully gonna use it in the future hope so

Thanks to Rufus, you will have at your disposition a software able to help you create any bootable USB drive including USB pens, memory sticks, and keys. The software is very simple to use as you will notice and comes with an intuitive interface.

The creation process might look similar to a lot of users. With this utility, ISO images or executable files that need to run as bootable can be created. The type of files to include in the boot section is left up to you. In addition, you will be in charge of selecting the file system to use in the given drive.

You will notice how quick the application is in the creation process. These are the main reasons why you should consider using Rufus for the creation of bootable USB drives.