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VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader 1.55

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  • free downloadings and especially best videos, audio mp3,long waves of many special effects on sounds and images left the viewer very excited

  • nothing can be compared to the best useful videoslurp downloader because it is the best way to fullfil all tasks without any problem at alls

VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader does exactly what you suspect it to do that is downloading your favorite YouTube videos to the destination of your choice. This downloader is quite simple to install and uses very little resources.

The intuitive interface of VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader is where you will be able to initiate and configure the automatic download of your YouTube videos. All you have to do is enter the URL of the videos you wish to have downloaded. The saving destination of the video must also be entered otherwise VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader will save them to a default location.

You will be able to enter an unlimited number of URLs for download. VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader will queue each of them until it is ready. Furthermore, you will notice how great the quality of the downloaded videos is.