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Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator 4.13

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Im going to use the program so that I can create unique dvd covers for my customers and they will have the option to design their own covers

  • DVD jewel cases for stuff recorded from TV that I don't want to lose ever at all at any time in the future so that i can read what they are

  • Personal use for my own CD collection so I can label the actual CD/DVD itself using my printer and know what it is right away when I'm looking.

The name of Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator suggests what it can be used for that is the professional creation of cover sheets for your CDs and DVDs. Installation of this software is a breeze and running it does not require an extensive knowledge of computers.

Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator is even able to help you in the creation process by providing relevant data on the content of the disc. For that to happen, you will need to insert the disc for which the cover sheet is for. Then, the application will scan the internet for album art.

The collected album art can be used as cover sheet if you want. Texts and other images can also be added to the cover sheets. Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator is a good tool to have.