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PC Black Box 2.8

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  • its abiloity to to go around the machine and the outcome amazes me so greatly i realy need this application in my computer for my daily exposure

If you are worried about what other people do on your computer while you are away, worry no more thanks to PC Black Box. This is a non-intrusive and reliable software for monitoring every single activity that is happening in your system.

In the interface of PC Black Box, you will be able to select the activities you would like to have monitored. Thus, keystrokes and logged web sites can be captured. The screenshots associated with the captured web sites will be taken as well. The choice is evidently yours.

PC Black Box will e-mail to you all the captured screenshots silently. If you would like, the application can start at Windows startup. Nothing will go unnoticed as long as PC Black Box is installed on your system. How convenient is that?