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Shutdown Utility 1.03

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Shutdown Utility 1.03 will allow you to commplete functions on your computer without your physical presence.

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

There are time that a person feels like they should have a personal assistant that takes over your computer when you are engaged in other matters and does the necessary actions. Shutdown Utility is created as a tool that you can use even in your absence to complete the shutting down of your computer. In case you have a large file download or even if the list of pending downloads is long and you have other business to attend to this tool will be the best suited for the job. It has a great feature that allows you to set a shut down time where after the time set elapses the software will immediately shut down the computer. So that in the case of a running program, the work that is being done will be completed before the computer goes off. The developers of this software added some other great features like the ability to restart the computer at a preset time, logging off from the computer or even locking the computer. This tool fulfills every function that it promises and is very efficient and easy to use. Download this software and enjoy all the benefits it comes with.


  • It allows the user to complete some action without their presence.
  • It saves time and allows you to do other things.


  • It has some trial version limitations.
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Shutdown Utility offers tools for controlling the way a computer system is shutdown. These tools are simple enough for users of all levels to follow. It is in the user-friendly interface of the software that you will have access to these tools.

The shutdown of the system is not the only action Shutdown Utility will let you control. Included are the restart, log off, and lock of the system. One of the options offered by the software is the selection of a time at which the action should be performed. These are all you have to do.

Shutdown Utility will take over and execute the selected action when time comes. The small size of the software is reflected in its ability to be minimized to the system tray. It is worth the try!