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Monitor Off Utility Portable 1.0

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Save your systems battery power and also your valuable resources

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monitor Off Utility Portable is an energy saving tool for your system, which allows you to give your monitor a longer stay and in the process save time. To turn off your monitor more efficiently you can create shortcuts, or even set a delay before it turns off. Through the shortcuts you can also activate your screen saver. To turn on the monitor again you move the mouse and it turns on. Monitor Off Utility is also another option to lock the computer. It has customizable hot-keys which performs all these actions. The software is configured from the main interface. With its integrated timer you can launch the power saving action but there is an option to cancel even before its complete. It has other main features and the best liked by users is that it can be run on portable devices giving the notebooks owners a great chance to use it.

Monitor Off Utility Portable is a very hardy power saving and system automation tool full of positive features. With it you can set the program to turn off monitor when Windows starts.


  • It can be used on portable devices.
  • Helps in saving monitors life and also saves power.


  • No con to comment on
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Save valuable resources and battery power for your system thanks to Monitor Off Utility Portable. This is a software that will put you in total control over how and when the monitor should go off among others.

Other actions can be selected and automatically performed by Monitor Off Utility Portable. The main interface of the software is where you can configure the software. Various hotkeys can be defined and used for the power saving action you would like to activate.

In addition, Monitor Off Utility Portable comes with an integrated timer that can be used to launch the power saving action. A timer will be displayed when the scheduled action is near. Monitor Off Utility Portable offers lots more power saving features that you certainly will love. It is worth the try!