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Total Copy 1.2

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What do you like most about this program?
  • It actually works. It can resume after interruptions. It also allows you control the speed at which it copies. This helps on slower networks.

Have you ever heard of a way to pause and resume the copy of files? Do not look for such tool in your Windows system as it does not exist. Only Total Copy can do that. This is one of the rarest applications with that kind of power.

Indeed, pausing and resuming the copy of files might be necessary in lots of situations. It is in this aspect that Total Copy becomes helpful. Once installed, Total Copy will integrate into your system. This integration is easy because the software is a shell extension.

From there on, you can select the Total Copy extension from the right-click menu option. You will have to use that extension in order to have access to the pause and resume button in the copy popup Window.