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Google Deskbar 0.5.95 beta

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For searching terms related to transcription purpose, it has been great app for using search operators very good app jus tloved i t please ma

  • I will use this program to make search easier with one touch and very easily making it smoother and faster to find all stuffs regarding all thigs

  • im using it formedicl articles and what ever else i fi to be of interetot me or whateever someone ese may w me to find out for them, like maybe hrtian chool ard at my church..

  • I will use the programme to search google without having to toggle windows. It is very useful for me during medical transcription where i can view my document and search results simultaneously.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I haven't used programs as such till date, so want to try this new google deskbar to see how it works on my system, so please help me out with this

  • none used except google deskbar since i have started working. This i think is the best mini search engine platform for searching faster than any

What do you like most about this program?
  • we like it because instead of opening a different page then put the word for search it just save our time a lot. that is the reason i love it much

  • we can search easily without open google chrome. by this software, we can save searching time compare to another browsers. thank you very much

Google Deskbar is a good tool to have for those who love using Google search. This is a software that will simplify the way you make searches on Google. Installation of this tool is a breeze and it uses very little resources.

Google Deskbar installs in your taskbar and is very non-intrusive. Once installed, a Google search bar can be seen on that taskbar. From there on, you can type in any search from that taskbar. The software will then open a new tab from the most recently active Window.

Before that Window is even opened, you will have the opportunity to preview the search result in a small inset that Google Deskbar creates. How many software have you encountered that can do that? This is why you should try Google Deskbar.