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AntiFreeze 1.01

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  • My computer is blocked i need to repair it to work so every program, and created documents for my job. I dont know the causes why this happened

When your computer system seems to be hanging and eventually freezes, it means that certain running programs are using lots of resources. How do you figure out which ones of these programs are guilty? The answer is to first download and install AntiFreeze.

As soon as AntiFreeze has been installed, it will scan your computer and display a list of running processes. A description and location of the processes will be present in this description. Furthermore, the CPU time for each one of the process can be seen. This time is a clear indication of which process is responsible for the freeze.

Then, you could end the process and free up valuable space. AntiFreeze is that easy to use! For all these reasons, you should take advantage of all the benefits this application has to offer.