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Passware Kit Professional 11.7

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • forge the password which cannt be recover of my outlook email this neede for also paasword of apple ID & I cloud Id and facebook skybe only personal use

  • Im trying to retrieve an old word file that Ive foggoten the password that I created by myself. Hope this software can help thank you for you

  • ya need to open the file so i can see whats inside of my excel file that is protected by a password which is kind of obvious since im here now

  • for opening my document that i had protected and now forgot the original pass word i used to protect th documents keep for aperiod of three months

  • personal use to unlock my files , i made a password long time a go then i forget it . ive tried several passwords but unforsnatly not workss

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not used any programs that are similar to this so would you let me please try this one out because this id the most annoying way to sell your product

  • nothing I used, this software is excellent since I tried it before with Office 97 but currently I have Office 16 which can't be deencrypted by old version

  • forget my password and the excel sheet has my work and some important information so i am looking for any help to get back everything.thanks

  • enstalla i try but it is not so helpfull, thats why i look for another alternate software which i wish it could solve the password protector

  • B.I haven't used any other similar program . it's the first time for me to try this kind of programs because of a file need to be modified but I can't

What do you like most about this program?
  • your download is always available the best down load speed file is free of spyware and viruses if you do not have amicrosoft office password

  • What i like most about this program is because it can recover password (password recovery), don't need to generate the file again , no information lost

  • what i like the most with passware ki professional is the way it's easy to use for any kind of people and to crack every kind of file too whenever you want

  • Open encrypted Microsoft Office word document for which I have lost password no longer available on my system lost enails also dont know howthis progam unproted

  • recover passwords of my office applications like word, excel, powerpoint, access, outlook, visio professional, and all other docuyments from Acrobat etcand

If you do not have a Microsoft Office password, your access to all your documents will be limited. This is the case for most PDF files and network interface. The loss of a password should not afflict you as long as you have downloaded and installed Passware Kit Professional.

This is an all-in-one tool for the recovery of your Office, network, and PDF password among others. Thanks to the use of an advanced password recovery algorithm, the job will be done right. There is a built-in wizard that you can use to start the process. Passware Kit Professional is that simple to use.

The recovered passwords can be saved to the destination of your choice. In terms of size, the software is very lightweight. You should give Passware Kit Professional a try!