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Control your Web Camera the way you want using WebCam Lock

By Reka Gimbi

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Webcam Lock is a utility which makes you the sole user of your web camera. This means no other like the third party will not access your webcam. It is hardy and reliable thus protects your privacy making sure that no one watches you through web camera. It notifies you when it detects an application trying to connect to your camera so that you can block it. You can also protect your family like the children when using webcam by setting up a password to control webcam access. This utility is compatible and works smoothly with all voice-over-ip services and software applications like Skype. All webcam lock versions are compatible with windows versions like windows 7 and 8, XP and vista. When the use of webcam is allowed the webcam becomes visible and it will indicate which program is using it and also a pop-up on the screen appears upon window accessibility denial.

This is a very good program to keep you single when it comes to webcam use.


  • Continuous awareness of programs trying to access webcam
  • Control which programs access the webcam


  • No con to comment on for now
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Have a complete control over the web camera of your using WebCam Lock. Its features include the user’s prerogative which applications can access to the web cam, whether to deny or access it.

When access or the use of web cam is allowed with use of WebCam Lock, for particular software, the webcam becomes visible and will indicate which program or application is using it. However, if it does not, an Access Denied window pups-up on the screen.

As part of its surveillance function, WebCam Lock enables the user to regulate the use of the web cam for specific applications. It allows user to assign a password. It can be done on the alert window where before you can deny or allow the use of web camera, you may be prompted to click on the “Set password” button to create a password.