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Sniper Elite V2

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Step into the shoes of a sniper, and all its liturgy to achieve the objectives.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sniper Elite V2 fell halfway to what would be a great game recreating the figure of snipers. Everything about the sniper as a weapon is interesting: peepholes, hold your breath, which provides realistic ballistics bullet drop and wind, incredible deaths in slow motion when asestamos accurate shots ... but the work of Rebellion is leaking into other elements. The elements that enhance stealth are also interesting nuances here, with just playable but virtues. The system is shot at close range totally unsatisfactory and not worked, the enemy AI fails so that just missing some enemies shout "Come on, give me" and the spawn is totally implausible in most situations. This tarnishes the outcome of an extremely effective and spectacular game when we point to the sniper but that other key elements, such as those already mentioned or excessively linear design and corseted levels fail. Audiovisual sufficient level and cooperatives options to extend the seven hours normally -difficulty main campaign, Sniper Elite V2 is as far from being a round product. And for a sniper shoot everything is 200 meters away.


  • There is a possibility for the cooperative campaign
  • Sniper itself is very well done


  • The design of certain levels is excessively linear




What do you like most about this program?
  • awesome i also played this game, but that wasin different language, so i want to play it in english version, and i am too excited to explore

Experience tactical shooting with the Sniper Elite V2, a video game from Rebellion Developments. It is a remake of the game Sniper Elite released in 2005. Set in the Battle of Berlin in April to May in 1945, the game offers a third-person shooter setting where Karl Fairburne, the main character, must kill a group of scientists involved in the German program V-2 rocket.

The Sniper Elite V2 video game is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It features advanced sniping simulation complete with ballistics that considers gravity, aim stability, velocity, wind, bullet penetration, and more. It also features a destructive X-ray kill-cam which shows almost real dead bodies and mutilated parts.

To make the gaming experience better, the Sniper Elite V2 used authentic Berlin locations during World War II. Also includes real weapons and vehicles from that era. Download the demo version now for free.