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Recover lost passwords and product keys with this practical software application

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ever lost or forgot your password for your email account or favorite social networking site? How about software product keys for programs and applications installed on your PC? If you’re like me (and I’m sure you are), then you’re a registered member on quite a number of social networking sites online, not to mention having two or three email accounts, to say the least. And all this means one thing: passwords. A ton of it. Memorizing all them? Unless you’ve got photographic memory, good luck.

Remembering all these passwords can be a painstaking task in and of itself. Not anymore with Spotmau Password & Key Finder. This extremely useful software can help you recover lost passwords for your email accounts, social networking sites, online shopping accounts, dial-up connection password, even your Windows auto login password. The software is only around 5MB in size, lightweight and easy to install. I tested this software and it performed exactly as expected. The interface is process flow oriented so you won’t make a mistake.

Of course, I still recommend memorizing your passwords, and not just writing them down anywhere. That’s still one of the most secure ways to make sure your accounts, both online and offline, remain secure. However, in the event that you forget them, there’s Spotmau Password & Key Finder. Recover your passwords with this personally recommended download.


  • Software is lightweight and easy to install
  • Recovers not only passwords but also login information and product keys as well
  • Can recover online passwords as well as software installed on the PC


  • Some functions are restricted on the trial version
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to download this application for able me to back my forgotten pasword in my facebook account because it has no phone mobile number and google mail account

  • for reset password of my facebook account which was bolcked nearly six months back on theerteen febuary of two thousand fifteen .13/02/2015.

  • I am looking at the entire suite to manage passwords on four computers in my home office. I am running four cpomputers using three different operating systems.

  • would want to use it for capturing my password is case i forget any of them . this i believe will enable me do my work very well to ensure go

  • i want to be able to monitor my kids web activity in highschool it is critical to observe childrens actions and convwersations to make safet

What similar programs have you used?
  • i do not have any program like this so i need to use this one please help me i forget my facebook password long time ago,and lost important information

  • i have used coral drow,adobe photoshop,format painter,internet download manager,google chrome,fire fox,microsoft word,video editer,adobe reader,quick heal,network,torrent...etc


  • i didint used any programs and apps so i serched on youtube i have been gernted this the best simple one to rest ur password without nowing any info

  • 360 free version and tune up i have not used any morewmmmejfjeof;wuwuqo;gw;gq;oq;ogq;ogo;qq;o;oe;oEOQOEOOOQFOFEOEO;ed;;OEOUEOFofo;ef;f;ororf;OOF;

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like this becousei think it easy use and verry usefull specialy for me dont know how to figure out how cant i resist my problem in my fb?

  • Awsome and good .very usefull for users.They can use very frequently and comfortabely.i have heard about this on a website remarks given by the

  • recovering old accounts that you haven't been able to access in years. So i got pictures back of nan & pops wedding which made me a bit happy..

  • becouse of my girl friend hake my face book accounts and change my password several im so much fed up about this problem. that's i need to find this.thats all thanks

  • best key finder and i wanna try this if its true because my gmail account is missin so iwanna find out using this software i hope that it will help

Many people are looking for a program that can recover important passwords in their email and social networking accounts. Failing to remember these passwords and asking help from someone might lead to stealing important company information or your important files. The Spotmau Password & Key Finderwill help you recover these passwords without giving you a hard time.

The Spotmau Password & Key Finderis the software that will help you retrieve passwords including Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL mail and many others. Recovery of messenger passwords including MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk will be generated in just a few clicks. Outlook and Access passwords can also be included in the recovery.

The Spotmau Password & Key Finderis so easy to use that even beginners can familiarize it easily. It is really a powerful tool for recovering your network passwords so download it now.