Diablo III Windows 7 Theme 1.0 screenshot

Diablo III Windows 7 Theme 1.0

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Diablo III is a fantastic RPG game that is very popular. If you are a fan of Diablo III, then you will appreciate Diablo III Windows 7 Theme. As its name suggests, this is a fantastic theme for your Windows system that is very easy to install.

As a theme, Diablo III Windows 7 Theme will transform your entire Windows system into a look alike of the game. That is, buttons, icons, and colors of your desktop will be like the Diablo III playing platform. There are lots of desktop photos and screensaver to chose from in this software.

There is even a set of custom sounds that Diablo III Windows 7 Theme comes with. Despite all these features, the software is very small in size. It is worth the try!